Review: TT Isle of Man

I love racing games. From Forza to Gran Turismo, to Grid and Dirt and lastly Driveclub. However, what all of these racing games have in common is that you drive cars, either it is a really car, a normal car, a speed racing car or a Formula 1 car. I have not really played much or any racing game that involved motorcycle which is where TT Isle of Man comes in.

I assume most people do not know this, but TT Isle of Cars is based on an annual real world event. The whole event id called The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy). This island is located between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland and is a self-governing British Crown dependency.

The motorcycle event takes place as previously stated annuially in late may or early june. It takes place over a two-week period and transforms the entire island to a motorcucle racing event and it contributes a lot of income to the island’s eonomy. So in other words this is big event on a small island.

Solo which is singeplayer contains of four different modes. A tutorial mode which you get a window asking if you want to play it right away first time you start the game. Career mode, time attack and quick race. Time attack and quick race should be self explanatory, but Im gonna og through them anyway.

In quick race you can choose what track, which time of day (morning, noon, evening), how many laps and starting section (where on the track do you want to start). In time attack you have the same options as in quick race, but starting section is excluded and you have to race on time.

I do not really feel a tutorial is needed cause the gameplay is pretty much the same as any other racing game, but it still tells you what buttons are used to accelerate, break and so on. What I found to be really neat is that when the button explanation window pops up and tells yo ufor example what the shoulder buttons on the controller are suppose to do, the game goes into slow motion so you don’t have to be so worry about the road. The game also have the same road pop up tips as Dirt Rally and Dirt where the game tips oyu about whever you need to break or a corner is coming up.

In career mode you make your own drive, you purchase motorcycles and the more wins you have during all the events, the more money you earn so you can buy better motorcycles. You have a nice calendar where the upcmoming events are, a management menu where you see messages sendt to you by the game, a bike collection (like a garage) and the shop.

It is a prety good, yet basic career mode, yet it works I never found any problem with it, but I recommend you play a few quick races before you og into the career mode so you have a good sense of feeling of how the game plays. It is maybe okay to try the tutorial too, but personally I played a few quick races before I checked out the tutorial and I seemingly knew everything base don exploring the gameplay during the few quick races I had.

Otherwise the game is quite fun. The graphics are nice, but a little bit of a letdown coming from Forza Motorsport 7, Driveclub and Gran Turismo Sport. The overall details are not bad, but not fantastic either,

The motorcycles also feels and plays well, but crashing in the game is kinda wierd, but I guess it is just realistic., Just a little small bump in the road and you will get thrown from the motorcycle and the game will reset you back on track. It takes some practice to keep steady on the road.

I didn’t found the multiplayer to be very special and there was not many players either so I did not get to experience the online multiplayer a lot. There is offline multiplayer so you can play with another person or more.

Overall TT Isle of Man is a positive suprise. I did not expect much from it. It is not a fully prices game, 40$ on Steam so that helps a lot. The most important thing is that is is fun, which it is. Problem now is how much fun will I get from the game. When career mode is over and Im tired of playing solo, will there be enough players online to matchmake? Those are the important questions for me.

Score: 7/10


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